Guldsmeden Hotels whistleblower hotline

Welcome to the Guldsmeden Hotels whistleblower hotline (hereafter referred to as "Hotline").

At Guldsmeden Hotels we value honesty, integrity, and accountability, which is why there should be a means to report any serious misconduct involving Guldsmeden Hotels various hotels and companies within the Group .

The hotline applies to all employees, suppliers, and business partners of the Guldsmeden Hotels Group.

Reports are treated with strict confidentiality and in a secure environment. The hotline thus makes it possible for you to report any serious misconduct where full anonymity is desired. Thereby providing you with the opportunity to disclose matters that would otherwise not have come to the knowledge of Guldsmeden Hotels.

What can be reported through the Hotline?

Not everything can or should be reported through the hotline. Concerns related to issues such as salaries, promotions, disagreements with colleagues, as well as complaints about smoking and similar matters should not be reported through the hotline. These should be addressed through the usual channels, such as to your manager or the HR-department .

The hotline therefore serves as a reporting channel for concerns regarding serious misconduct, including but not limited to legal violations and breaches of Guldsmeden Hotels policies.

Examples of serious misconduct that can be reported to the hotline includes:

What happens when you make a report?

To ensure confidentiality, only a tightly defined group of people will conduct an initial screening of the report and then determine who should be involved in the subsequent handling of the report. Reports are primarily sent to a hotline group consisting of a HR-representative and a selected members of the Board of Directors from the Guldsmeden Hotels Group.

Through the "receipt page", you will receive a confirmation that your report has been received no later than seven days after submitting the report. On this page you will receive a link for you to copy, if you wish to keep yourself updated on the process and handling of your report. You will furthermore receive feedback on the "receipt page" about the report no later than three months after the report.

You can read more about the purpose and reporting process in Guldsmeden Hotels Whistleblower Policy.

The reporting form can be found both on the front page and in the administration menu.

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