The Danspin's whistleblower-portal

Danspin has a whistleblower solution that ensures confidential access to the top management in the company. All information will be process safely and anonymous.

What can be reported?

The whistleblower solution allows you to report serious issues relating to Danspin, such as bribery, embezzlement, accounting fraud, nepotism, corruption, physical violence, sexual offenses / inappropriate behavior, etc.

You may also report circumstances which have resulted in substantial personal injury or environmental damage.

Less serious issues like bullying, dissatisfaction with pay, etc. should not be reported in this system but should instead be reported through the regular channels.

What should be included?

It is important that you describe all the facts - even the facts you do not think of as particular important.

Where possible, please document your claim.

If you have written documentation in the form of a document, please attach the document in digital form.

Follow the case

When you send a request, you can choose to follow the proceedings. It can be a good idea to follow the proceedings, as the people processing notifications may need to ask clarifying questions in order to move forward with the investigation.

Everything is completely anonymous. You will get assigned a case number and choose your own password.

Begin reporting