Multicut A/S whistleblower policy

The purpose of the whistleblower policy is to explain how the Multicut A/S whistleblower policy works and thus avoid potentially important matters not being reported.

Introduction to Multicut A/S whistleblower policy

The Multicut A/S whistleblower policy ensures a high level of protection for persons who report serious offenses and other serious matters. The policy can be used if you experience or suspect these serious conditions in Multicut A/S or in conditions and activities related to Multicut A/S.

Multicut A/S is a responsible company with an open culture, where everyone can feel safe and express themselves if they experience potential breaches of the law. As a starting point, employees are encouraged to talk to their immediate superior or a member of the Executive Board in these situations, but it is also possible to use the whistleblower policy.

In the whistleblower policy, employees and other stakeholders may in good faith make (anonymous) reports of suspected potential breaches of the legislation, including circumstances which may cause Multicut A/S a financial loss or damage Multicut A/S's reputation.

Who can report?

A whistleblower scheme therefore provides you with the opportunity to correct undesirable matters in the company.

What conditions can be reported?

Matters can be reported in which Multicut A/S employees and other associated with Multicut A/S are involved. This applies to both employees, the Executive Board and Multicut A/S management.

The whistleblower policy can only be used to report suspected potential breaches of legislation in activities related to Multicut A/S. Matters such as dissatisfaction with pay and co-operation difficulties cannot be reported via the whistleblower policy. Factors that can be reported via the whistleblower policy are, for example, information on:

The above list is examples only. If you are in doubt about whether your observation should be reported or not, you are encouraged to do so. All inquiries are answered and processed.

Who processes reports?

Reports that fall within the framework of this policy are processed by the Multicut A/S whistleblower committee. Sometimes the processing will take place with the help of external parties, such as lawyers or accountants.

How to report?

It is reported via Reports cannot be made in other ways.

How are the reports processed?

When a report is received, an initial examination of the reported is made. If the report turns out to be manifestly unfounded, it will be rejected. The person who reported the case will be notified.

If the initial investigation concludes that the report cannot be characterized as manifestly unfounded, it will be further investigated. The case is processed internally and may have employment law consequences for the person or persons being reported. The case is then deleted from the system.

The case may be of such a nature that it is passed on to the police for further investigation. All reports must be submitted in good faith. It is important that the system is not used for accusations where innocent people are suspected.

Subsequent clarification and collection of additional documentation

When you make a report, you get the opportunity to log on to the system and see if the case officer has asked further questions about the case or requests additional documentation. Any subsequent dialogue depends solely on the informant's willingness to log on to the system and answer the caseworker's questions.

Confidentiality and IT security

Anyone who reports matters in good faith is protected from any form of retaliation. Employees of Multicut A/S who attempt to retaliate against a reporter who has reported in good faith are met with employment law sanctions. Multicut A/S will, as far as possible, treat the report as confidential.

The system used to record the reports is operated by d4infornet, which is an independent company and guarantees the security and compliance with the GDPR rules in the system. Only the responsible caseworker has access to the caseworker part of the system.

Information about the registration to the reported person

The recipient of the report is obliged to provide the person being reported with information about the reported situation. In each individual situation, a concrete assessment will be made of when this notice can be passed on, so that the notice cannot have consequences for the coverage of the reported matter as well as the collection of evidence.

No information is given about who made the report, even though the reporter has chosen to state his identity.


All questions about the whistleblower policy can be directed to the HR department at Multicut A/S Phone: +45 9713 2388 or E-mail:

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