Welcome to the whistleblower reporting system for Cphbusiness.

The purpose of establishing a Whistleblower reporting system at Cphbusiness, it to discover and handle any situation that Cphbusiness is not informed of by any of the other existing communication channels.
The system is a supplement to the direct and daily communication at the workplace, which also includes conversations on any type of error or unsatisfactory situation and to the formal options for appeals that students and employees already have.
With this system we wish:

What can be reported?

Who can be reported?

The system can be used to report people who are connected to Cphbusiness: Employees, members of the executive board and the board of directors, auditors, suppliers, business partners and lawyers.
Furthermore, the system can be used to report students at Cphbusiness, as long as the situation that is reported is associated to Cphbusiness.

What can be reported?

The Whistleblower system handles information about serious circumstances that concerns the task management at Cphbusiness. Whether this is the case, will depend on a specific assessment.

Who can report?

Everybody can report in the system. People are anonymous in the system, but can choose to submit personal data concerning themselves.

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