ESPERSEN Whistleblower platform

ESPERSEN uses D4Whistler, a whistleblower platform that provides the opportunity to anonymously report matters that are contrary to EU legislation and/or ESPERSEN’s Code of conduct, and our internal policies and systems. This can include for example unethical Business practices, discrimination or sexual harassment, risk or evidence for Food fraud, serious breach regarding product Quality, Safety or Non-conformity as well as deliberate violation of IT policies and legislation.

The whistleblower system may not be used to make false accusations against others, and altogether, deliberately untrue information may not be reported.

D4Whistler secures that reports are managed confidentially and under a secure framework providing the whistleblower complete anonymity. The platform is available internally for employees and externally for business partners.

Ideally, internal reporting should happen to a direct manager or responsible person in the company in an upfront communication, also to enable a fast resolution of a topic. It can however be the case, that the reporting individual prefers to report concerns confidentially and stay anonymous.

The whistleblower platform offers:

This platform is not intended for product complaints.
Those can be sent directly to:

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