Alsik A / S has established a whistleblower scheme, where it is possible for both employees, guests, partners and others. to report criticisable conditions.

First and foremost, the whistleblower scheme must protect the person reporting a case and ensure that the person is not hung out or otherwise kept out of the community.

In addition, it is per. December 17, 2021 a legal requirement to have a whistleblower scheme in companies with more than 50 employees.

What can be reported via the whistleblower scheme?

Not all conditions are covered by the scheme. Only serious matters can be reported. It can be the following:

The whistleblower scheme does not cover minor offenses or less serious personal conflicts as well as dissatisfaction with general terms and conditions in contracts or employment relationships.

We encourage employees at Alsik A / S to take the dialogue directly with their immediate manager, the director or someone from the rest of the management, if you become acquainted with one of the above matters. If this is not an option, you are welcome to use this whistleblower scheme.

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