Simatek A/S whistleblowerordning

Welcome to the Simatek A/S whistleblower hotline (hereinafter referred to as the "Whistleblower scheme").

At Simatek A/S, we value honesty, integrity and responsibility, and therefore it must be possible to report any serious misconduct involving Simatek A/S.

The whistleblower scheme applies to all Simatek A/S employees/employees and the following groups of people:

The reports are treated strictly confidentially and under secure conditions. The whistleblower scheme thus makes it possible to report any serious wrongdoing where full anonymity is desired and thus the opportunity to disclose matters that would otherwise not have come to Simatek A/S's knowledge.

What can be reported through the Whistleblower Scheme?

It is not everything that can or must be reported through the Whistleblower Scheme. The whistleblower scheme is only for reports covered by the whistleblower act. Concerns regarding e.g. pay, promotions, disagreements with colleagues, complaints about smoking and the like must not be reported via the Whistleblower scheme. In such cases, it is recommended to contact the immediate manager, HR, Working Environment Representative and/or Employee Representative. Likewise, please be aware that Simatek is not obliged to follow up on reports submitted to the company's whistleblower scheme, if it are not covered by the whistleblower act.

The whistleblower scheme is a reporting channel for concerns about serious wrongdoing, including, but not limited to, breaches of the law and breach of Simatek A/S policies. As a starting point, we recommend that our employees, business partners and other external persons use our normal management structures to report suspicions and concerns. In addition, we see that the whistleblower scheme is used for reports that are covered by the whistleblower act - and as an alternative if your suspicion concerns your closest contact person at Simatek - or you for other reasons feel comfortable stating your suspicion or concern through the whistleblower scheme.

Examples of serious misconduct that can be reported to the Whistleblower Scheme include:

What happens when you make a report?

When your report is recieved, it is the Simatek A/S whistleblower unit, consisting of the Company's HR Manager and the Company's QA Manager, which receives the anonymous reports and makes an initial screening of the report and decides who should be involved in the subsequent processing of the report. The reports are handled as a starting point by the company's whistleblower unit as well as any selected members from the Simatek A/S board if the case concerns the company’s management.

When you have made your report, you will, via the "receipt page", receive a confirmation that your report has been received. Here you get a link that you can use to follow up on the case and add further comments or documents.
Her får du et link, som du kan bruge til at følge op på sagen samt tilføje yderligere kommentarer eller dokumenter.
It is important that you save this link, as it is the only way you can follow the case and the whistleblower unit can contact you anonymously. Here you will also receive feedback on the report no later than three months after the report.
Here you get a link that you can use to follow up on the case and add further comments or documents.
You can also choose to receive the link and get feedback on the case by specifying a private email address. For the sake of anonymity, it is important that you enter a private email address, since, if you use a company address, there is a probability that IT administrators can trace the email address from Simatek's IT systems. When using a private email address, Simatek A/S or IT administrators cannot track the private email as the system is set up by the independent IT provider D4.

You can read much more about the process for reporting in the Simatek A/S whistleblower policy set out in the Simatek A/S Personnel Handbook or at

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