Whistleblower Reporting in BHJ/Essentia Protein Solutions

In this confidential reporting system you can quickly and easily report concerns about actual or suspected violation of law and/or our policies that can affect BHJ/Essentia Protein Solutions business or the wellbeing of people.

The reporting system may not be used to make false accusations against others, and altogether, deliberately untrue information may not be reported.

Use this report platform if you anonymously would like to report actual or suspected misconduct. We encourage you to provide your name in the report but it is up to you. I all situations, please use an email other than BHJ and Essentia E-mail addresses.

All reports are strictly confidential and will be handled by HR Director Charlotte Stahlschmidt in close cooperation with the relevant CEO, either Asger S. Jacobsen (Essentia Protein Solutions) or Torben Matzen (BHJ).

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