CUC Engineering is committed to conducting business with integrity, and to doing the right thing for our customers, our colleagues and society. CUC Engineering encourages sharing concerns of any potential breaches of laws or regulations applicable to the company, as well as the internal policies and standards in the company.

The whistleblower reporting also serves to identify whistleblowing related roles and responsibilities. The whistleblowing reporting is designed to ensure compliance with the overall requirements of the European Union and European Data Protection regulations. Employees are always encouraged to share their concerns with their Line Manager, colleagues, Human Resources and management. Situations may nevertheless arise where employees do not feel comfortable, or feel it is not appropriate to share their concerns with the above-mentioned contacts. The whistleblower reporting supports the company in these situations by providing a secure channel to report breaches, and by enabling additional measures to safeguard whistleblowers from unfair treatment. The whistleblower reporting does also apply to individuals outside CUC Engineering.

Cases registred in the whistleblower reporting is presented to the following people within CUC Engineering: CEO Morten Rasmussen, Production Director Steen B. Jørgensen and Ole Rødgaard, responsible for HR.

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